Our Range of Products

Our Range of Products

BSF Larvae

i) Dried larvae for animal feed. (Fish, pig, poultry.)

ii) Live Broodstock larvae for clients seeking to start a BSF colony.

BSF Prepupae

Dormant for a few days before emerging into adults to continue the cycle.

BSF Eggs

BSF eggs hatch within 100 hours to provide tiny larvae.

Bio Fertilizer

The bio-fertilizer can be used at home gardens or commercial settings. It is packed with rich nutrients for crops and contains no artificial additives.

Starter Kit

This is a great equipment for small scale farmers seekingĀ  to manage domestic organic waste while feeding poultry, pigs, pets or fish.

Research Findings on Use of Black Soldier Fly Larvae and Frass

Aquaculture Industry

Studies on fish fed with BSF showed that the BSF is palatable to fish, does not affect the taste of fish and can lower the cost of fish production by up to 37%.

Poultry Industry

Broilers fed on BSF larvae had a higher growth and survival rate and a stronger immune system.

Pig Industry

Pigs fed on BSF larvae grew faster, had more meat to fat ratio and fetched higer profits.

Agriculture Industry

The by product of BSF farming (frass) can be used for soil ammendment and as bio-fertilizer. Crops grown on frass were bigger, healthier and hand a high level of pest resistance.