This is Our Story

Our Mission and Vision Statement


Our Mission

Our mission is to create an ecologically and socio-economically viable biowaste treatment process for SME waste businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa to upcycle organic waste into a sustainable source of protein – thereby we give everybody in the world the chance to be part of it.


Our Vision

We envision Sub-Saharan Africa as a place where organic “waste” does not exist.

All About The Circular System

Meet The Team

Mike Mwangi

Mike Mwangi

Production Manager

Mike is responsible for smooth operations of our model facility. Experienced in bio-waste management using BSF and holds a BSc in animal science (Egerton University, KE). He is passionate about music.

Proscovia Alando

Proscovia Alando

Business Development

Proscovia has experience in aquaculture industry and fishery sciences. She holds an MSc in aquaculture (University of Stirling, UK), and  is passionate about conservation and social business.

Spring Severin

Spring Severin

Finance & International Relations

Business development analyst with background in statistics and > 5 years entrepreneurial experience in East Africa. Passionate about sustainable entrepreneurship. (co-founder of The Spring Project and SUSTAIN.)

Dennis Kigiri

Dennis Kigiri

Research and Development

Dennis is experienced in animal nutrition & agri value chains. He holds an MSc in animal nutrition (Egerton University, KE) and is passionate about photography, videography and cooking.

How We Started

First projects – a Swiss-Kenyan collaboration

  • 2017: Ressect GmbH was founded in Switzerland
  • 2018: One year pilot operation in a trial BSF treatment facility in Switzerland, production of aquarium fish feed from black soldier fly larvae
  • 2019: Start of Ressect in Kenya together with Dennis and Mike at Egerton University, established a small pilot treatment facility and focused on smallholder BSF production through an out-grower scheme, supported by REPIC (SDC & SECO)
  • 2020: Despite the high impact of COVID-19 pandemic, completed REPIC project which showed that out-grower scheme is (not yet) feasible, thus, reorientation to a more centralized approach

Reorientation – Farming insects as a business

  • 2020: Severin & Proscovia join the team; treatment trials in the small pilot BSF facility to evaluate relevant key performance indices (KPIs) with different waste sources such as chicken waste, pig waste and fruit/vegetable market waste; evaluation of trials and business planning to launch commercial operations
  • 2021: Registration of Ressect as a business in Kenya; Ressect joins REFOOTURE, a living lab initiated by Wageningen University and funded by the IKEA Foundation; Ressect is shortlisted to be part of The Food Systems Game Changers Lab (FSGCL)